I have been getting the Ultimate Relaxation massage from Blanche every month for the past 8 or 9 months. It has greatly decreased the muscle spasms in my neck and upper back and makes me feel less tense for weeks afterwards.

Blanche’s soothing decor in the massage room and her gentle voice give me an hour of heavenly peace and quiet in my busy life.

I so look forward to every visit. Thanks Blanche!
Karen Kirby
Mechanicsville, VA

I have been going to Blanche for my massage therapy needs for the last 4 years and could not be happier with her services.  

In addition to relaxation massage, Blanche has helped me to find relief when I experienced severe neck pain as well as severe muscle tightness after my back surgery.  

I would definitely recommend Muscles in Knead to anyone looking for an experienced massage therapist.
Kari Bullock
Mechanicsville, VA

I began experiencing sciatic nerve pain in my mid 40’s and was unable to get any real relief. A friend told me to try a message therapist so I started going to Blanche and after only 2-3 sessions the pain in my lower back started getting much better. I have been going to Blanche for several years and I am virtually pain free now. Blanche is amazing at what she does.
Chris Mulligan
Mechanicsville, VA

Many of the things that come monthly are no fun (you can think of plenty – I won’t give examples).  A visit with Muscles in Knead is the exception. 

No matter what I have done to my body: painting, cycling, weeding, or lifting weights, Blanche can find my sore muscles and soothe them. 

Blanche adds an element of wellness to my routine that I have come to rely upon. She has a comfortable, relaxing environment.   I highly recommend a visit with Blanche.  She is a nice person, a great therapist and has become a good friend!
Laura Aaron
Mechanicsville, VA

I had my first experience with TMJ. I could barely chew and my teeth wouldn’t line up. It was awful. Got an extensive neck, shoulder and jaw massage from Blanche. I could tell a big difference.

With only one massage, my condition improved by at least thirty percent. Subsequent massages continued to help me to finally get my jaw back to where it should be.

Side benefits where that my face was so soft from the massage oils (and didn’t break out) and that the whole experience was very relaxing.
Edith Ridderhof
Richmond, VA

I’ve been to several massage therapists, who left me very sore and never made it feel as good as it could.

Blanche has “magic hands” and not only makes it feel wonderful but has helped me achieve being pain free when physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments didn’t work. I love her “rolling pin” rub and the best way to describe her massages is “ahhhh — I think I tripped and found Heaven.”

Thanks Blanche, you’ve made a client for life.
Judy Popielarz,
Mechanicsville, VA