Massage 101, Couples Class

Learn how to give and receive a tension easing, body relaxing, communication enhancing massage. A wonderful way for couples to support one another in reclaiming their natural capacity for pleasure through loving, receptive touch. Experience a relaxing time together  while learning how to give each other a massage.

Sessions are tailored to the current desires, knowledge, experience and abilities of each couple.

This is strictly non-sexual massage.

Includes a bottle of massage lotion and printed material to take home.

Chair massage: learn to massage the head, shoulders, back, hands and feet. All the
important spots for your significant other to know about if you want a massage while you are sitting on the couch!
Private 2 hour session -$160

Table Massage: for those who wish to know how to give a full body massage on a professional table.
Private 4 hour session -$240