Relax. Renew. Revive.

Why Muscles in Knead?

As you lie on cozy flannel sheets listening to relaxing music, the massage begins and the daily stressors and aching muscles fade into an oblivious 60 minutes of relief, and all you can comprehend at the moment, is wanting it not to end.

It doesn’t matter who you are, at what point in your treatment you at, you can have this cozy comfort and control over this one hour in your life. And I am trained to make it safe for you.

What if that hour of massage does more for you than just being pampered, more than just being a luxury you treat yourself to? What if it helps chronic pain, eases the side effects of cancer treatment, and improves your sleep and mood?

Do you want to do something for a loved one who is living with cancer but don’t know what to do? Or are too far away to do anything? Gift them an oncology massage(massage for those living with cancer). I had a friend who gifted me with a massage package and I don’t know if she knows how much that meant to me. It gifted me an hour that was mine, away from cancer, something that was good for me, that I didn’t have to worry about paying for.

Massage is a medically beneficial way to deal with chronic pain, improves injury recovery and helps with the everyday aches, pains and stresses of our multi-tasking society. Stress is a major contributing factor decreasing the effectiveness of our immune system which leaves us susceptible to disease.

I specialize in Oncology massage: massage for people affected by cancer and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy.

Muscles in Knead has specialized in customized massage therapy for fourteen years. I am Certified in  Manual Lymphatic Drainage through Klose  June 2015, Tracy Walton- Oncology Massage Training 2009, Healwell- Oncology Massage Intensive Training July 2016, Klose Training- Breast Cancer Rehabilitation April 2017 and Scar Tissue Mobilization for the Post-Mastectomy/Post-Radiation Client (learned to work on cording) with Jamie Elswick July 2017, certification in pregnancy massage, and fibromyalgia massage, and Pregnancy Massage, I am able to provide the ultimate in relaxation and pain relief by tailoring your massage to your needs  and offering a spa-like atmosphere — where the massage starts when you are on the table not when you walk into the room.

People come to Muscles in Knead when they are hurt. They leave feeling better. And they keep coming back — because it works. Let me help you enjoy a better state of well-being.

I have been seeing Blanche with Muscles in Knead for a year now for severe nerve pain and muscle spasms due to a car accident.

She has helped me tremendously with her services of hot stone therapy and lymphatic drainage massage. This enables me to move freely with minimal pain.

The great thing about Blanche is that she really listens to what you need. I have had others in the past that continue to do what they want, even when you tell them what you need and that was frustrating!!

Blanche is willing to try whatever it takes to relieve your pain or discomfort. She is a warm and caring person and awesome with her hands!!! I am blessed to have found such a great massage therapist…

D. Matthews

Located in Richmond Va, within Grace Professional Village
5700 W. Grace St. Suite 101, Richmond, Va. 23226

(Just East of Libbie Ave. Two blocks from St. Mary’s Hospital, off of Monument Ave)