Blanche Wilder
Licensed Massage Therapist with Certifications in Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue and Fibromyalgia Massage, with training in advanced Oncology Massage.

My mother started my journey in the art of healing when she took me along to the animal rescue mission in Atlanta, GA. I spent many fulfilling days and weeks feeding and rehabilitating a variety of animals so that they might return to their homes in the wild.

Today, my clients are the two-legged kind but the heart-satisfying feeling I get when I can help another being with their pain is still what drives me — because life is better when we feel better.

I have lived with cancer. I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer and have gone through surgery, chemotherapy (yes and the hair loss), and radiation. I can not begin to know what you are going through, because every journey is different, but would be honored to be a part of your journey if you decide to visit me. And I realize that the word “journey” can be a triggering word for some people. For me the word doesn’t mean a vacation, but means a  journey like the one Frodo went on into Mordor. One that is hard and where you are forever changed afterwards.

I am passionate about Oncology Massage and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage because when I was going through breast cancer I received massage throughout all stages, surgery, chemo and radiation, I found it to be true, for me, that massage helped to relieve my pain, anxiety and helped me to sleep.

I can help you on your journey to well-being by offering a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere and customizing your massage therapy to your particular needs. Treatment may consist of a specific massage therapy technique or a combination of techniques. I have 14 years of experience, Tracy Walton- Oncology Massage Training 2009, Klose Training – Certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage June 2015, Healwell- Oncology Massage Intensive Training July 2016, Klose Training- Breast Cancer Rehabilitation April 2017 and Scar Tissue Mobilization for the Post-Mastectomy/Post-Radiation Client (learned to work on cording) with Jamie Elswick July 2017, certification in pregnancy massage, and fibromyalgia massage. Because I am a Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist I can safely see patients who are either suffering from Lymphedema currently, or who are at risk for Lymphedema because of radiation or lymph node removal during cancer treatment.

People come to Muscles in Knead when they are hurt. They leave feeling better. And they keep coming back — because it works. Let me help you enjoy a better state of well-being.